‘At Home’ – DPTC Club Championships 2018

A wonderful autumn day greeted our finalists for the ‘At Home’ – DPTC Club Championships 2018.

This was just the second Club ‘At Home’ Championships to be played in the young club’s history.

There was massive amounts of activity as the day progressed with hefty scheduling being organised  in order to keep the courts full and the players busy.

With all matches played and the results carefully noted, it was back to the Clubhouse for the presentations and celebrations.

Our lovely Ladies captain, Aly Hand was the mistress of ceremonies , announcing with winners and runners-up of each category.  Details below.

With DB Sound Collective banging out the tunes, the night continued with dancing and (very bad) singing – especially towards the end of the night !

A massive shout out to all of the organisers and those who attended and a special mention to Donald O’Keefe who took some wonderful photographs posted below.

Take a look at the photos posted here……

2018 ‘At Home’ Club Championships Results