Junior Social Tennis

Junior Social tennis is running on Saturdays from 5.30pm to 7pm and open to all junior members age 8-12yrs.

It is a great way for juniors to have fun on the tennis court and practice the skills they have learnt from coaching in an enjoyable environment with children of their own age.

Mini Matches  and games are organised between juniors by the coach. On the last Saturday of each month there will be Pizza and a mini tournament.

Children will be supervised whilst they are on the courts. Children will not be allowed to go home unaccompanied unless permission has been given on the junior form.

Pizza in the cabin is every week now and charge €4 for members and €5 for non members.
We are always looking for parents to help supervise if we each did a week, we each may only have to do once each season!
Please email junior committee with a week that suits you and we will add you to the Rota.