Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

 - Arthur Ashe -

At DPTC we encourage all our junior members to get involved in competitive play. We offer access to both internal and external competitions.

There's something for all players at all levels!


Everyone has to start somewhere.


Ready to take the next step.

Internal Competitions

Held throughout the year, there's something for everyone. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect at DPTC.   

Round Robins

Round Robins are where players of similar standards are put into groups of five/six players, playing each other over a period of time, usually six weeks. Typically three rounds of round robins are held each year.


They are run as separate boys and girls singles events and the results will are used together with the Club’s Championships to update the ladders.


After the first six weeks, a new round will commence where players move boxes, depending on results. Players must arrange their own matches within the six-week time frame.

Round Robin is open to all junior tennis members (all standards). It's lots of fun and a great way to build up match practice.  If you've any queries please contact the Junior Committee on juniorcommittee@donabatetennis.com

Age 9-18yrs


Age 5 -18yrs

July /Aug  

Age 9-18yrs 


Age 9-18yrs

Dates of tournaments will be announced via WhatsApp nearer the time.


Junior Championships 2020

The tournament will begin on Monday, September 21st,and run until Sunday, October 18th

Entry is now open & will be open for one week, closing next Wednesday, the 16th, at midnight

How to Enter

  1. All members must register with Tennis Ireland to participate in this and all future club competitions and tournaments. Go to https://ti.tournamentsoftware.com/, click "sign-up" in the top right corner.

  2. Entry for one event is €10 and  €5  for subsequent events. 

  3. All entries must be made and paid online using the tournament software site. This enables us to comply with the protocols set out by Tennis Ireland for Competitive play. Once you have registered with the software and logged in, enter "Donabate" or "DPTC" in the search field. 

  4. Click the "online entry" button and enter as many events as you wish to.

  5. Once you have specified which events you are entering, follow the PayPal link to pay. Only when you have paid is your entry valid. It is not possible to issue refunds.

  6. For those members that are already registered  with Tennis Ireland, the link for entry is https://ti.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament?id=2EE1A5AC-566C-4759-8F0C-2E11507D0675 

For any queries, please contact Stephen via email at stephenmurtaghtc@gmail.com


Best of luck!

External Competitions 

There's a wide range of competitive tennis available for juniors of all ages and standards.

Stars & Stripes 

The focus of these tournaments is to encourage juniors to play tennis in a friendly but competitive spirit. It’s a great opportunity for juniors and their parents to visit other tennis clubs and meet other tennis players.

Matches are played on a Saturday evening usually around 6 pm, and can be home or away to clubs around the northside including Sutton, Clontarf, Castleknock, and Swords.


  • The competition runs twice a year. February to March & September to October.

  • Open to children who are 12 (or under) on the1st August for the spring event and 31st December for the autumn event.

  • There is a separate Boys and Girls competition. The format is a six-person team consisting of three doubles pairings.


  • Runs twice a year. April to May & November to December.

  • The under 14 competition is open to all children who are 14 (or under) as at 1st August for the spring event and 31st December for the autumn event.

  • There is a separate Boys and Girls competition. The format is a six-person team consisting of three doubles pairings.


External Competition Calendar

There are tournaments for all levels of players and these are an excellent way to get regular match practice throughout the year against players from various clubs.  It is recommended you enter Phoenix tournaments before entering the higher level tournaments (Category 1,2 or 3 tournaments).  To really improve a players’ Tennis Ireland ranking or to be in consideration for a Leinster Squad it is advised to play ten or more tournaments in a year.

February    |    Spring Starts & Stripes U12

March       |    Spring Stars & Stripes U14  &  Leinster Junior League U12 & U18

April/May |   Secondary School Junior League

September |   Autumn Stars & Stripes U12  &  DLTC Junior League U14 & U18

October    |   Autumn Stars & Stripes U14



If your child has not yet played a tournament, they will need to register for a Tennis Ireland ID here:


Internal Competition Team Tennis

Sign up for our Team Tennis event in singles and/or our round robin event in doubles.


Entry is open to ages 9-18yrs and players will be matched against others of similar age and/or ability as much as possible.


Entry deadline July 24th.


Matches to be organised and supervised by parents, and can be played anytime up to Sept 5th. 


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