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 - Tim DeTellis - 


When playing tennis, you should always show respect for your opponent and those playing on the courts around you:

1.   Good manners should be practised at all times.

2.    Never walk across a court when a match is in progress. Instead, wait until the point has been played, then walk behind the baseline to your court.

3.    Likewise, when walking on the pathways behind the courts, it is best to wait until the players have finished their point.

4.   Shouting, swearing or throwing your racket when you miss a shot is bad manners and only lets your opponent know you are annoyed giving them an advantage.

5.    If a ball rolls on to your court during a rally, stop playing and return the ball to the other court.  Only bring 3 balls on court with you as too many balls cause risk to you and other players.

6.   When your opponent is serving and the point is over, if there are any balls on your side of the court, return them to your opponent.

7.   You are supposed to call balls “in” or “out” when they land on your side of the net. If you are unsure, give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. Never call a ball on your opponent’s side of the net unless your opponent asks for your help in deciding.

8.    Never argue with an opponent. If players can’t agree on the score, they should go back to a score on which there was agreement and resume the match from there.

9.   When the match is finished, lightly bump rackets with both your partner and opponents.

10.  If a tennis ball has rolled during play or before play close to any player and poses a danger of a player falling/tripping, all players on the court have a duty of care to point out the danger, by holding up their racket, stopping play and alerting the player at risk.

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