Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I join DPTC?

It's very easy to join. Just complete the application form which will be reviewed by our membership team prior to contacting you. If you'd like to try out the club before committing, just contact for details.

I’m thinking of joining the club but have never played before, can I come down and try it out first?

New players are welcome to come and play as a visitor at our tennis social on a Saturday/Sunday morning at 9.30 to 11am. If this time does not suit then contact and they will see what other social will be suitable for your to try out. You can visit 3 times before fully committing. Rackets and balls are available in the club. If you wish to attend please contact our club secretary in advance at

Is there a charge for these trial visits?

No there is no charge for a new member trying out over 3 occasions.

Do I need to be able to play to a specific standard?

No. Players of all abilities are welcome to join DPTC. The Club actively encourages everyone to participate. From beginners to experienced, and anyone returning to the game after some time out - just come along and join in. There's social tennis nearly every day, so you don’t even need a partner. Our social tennis caters for all levels of players.

What are the options for membership can I choose from?

  • See membership page for details.

What are the club membership fees?

There are different membership types available. See the membership page.

How can the membership fees be paid?

Payments can be made by EFT (Electronic funds Transfer) only, details are on the Application Form. Annual membership fees are payable as a once-off payment. Payments by regular instalments are not available at this time, but will be considered for the future membership years. You will be notified in advance when your annual fees are due for renewal.

Do I have to pay all the fee upfront or do you have a phased payment scheme?

There is yearly payment due on the 1st April each year. Unfortunately we do not offer a phased payment scheme at this time.

What period does the membership year apply to?

Donabate Portrane Tennis Club membership year runs from 1st April – 31st March. Therefore, all memberships fall due for renewal on April 1st regardless of joining date. A 6 membership option maybe available from 1st October to 31st March, this is dependant on any vacancies within the club and is not guaranteed. This are the only time when a reduced membership is on offer.

Are there any joining fees?

There are no joining fees currently. They may become payable for new members in future years (amount TBD) and will be payable once only, in advance, in the first year of membership, and are not payable when transferring from one membership type to another (e.g. from junior to adult).

Are there any additional costs?

Lights & Coaching. There are lights on each court, they are used if you wish to play after daylight hours. The lights are automatic and fees will be taken when you book the court.

Coaching is also available, either group or one to one.

All details will be given on completion of your membership.

Can I apply for joint Golf and Tennis Club membership?

Yes. For the Joint Golf Club and Tennis Club membership application process, please email

Where can I get a hard copy of the application forms?

All forms are available to download from our from the membership page.

Can I get coaching at the Club?

At DPTC we can provide professional tennis coaching for all levels. There are various options to receive tennis coaching, in both groups or on a one to one basis for juniors and adults. Please see the coaching information page for coaching sessions.

Are there opportunities to play in matches?

There is a very active social tennis scene at DPTC, in addition Round Robins, Tournaments, Team Events as well as league options are available to all, the later depending on your skill level.

Do you take part in any interclub competitions?

Yes, these currently consist of the following, however please keep an eye out on our competition section for regular updates.

Dublin Lawn Tennis Council Leagues [DLTC]

The club enters mens, ladies and mixed-teams in DLTC leagues throughout the year.

As a new club we endeavour to enter as many teams as determined by the number of members wishing to participate.

  • Winter league – January-March; 3 doubles pairings
  • Summer league – May-July; 3 singles, 2 doubles pairings
  • Mixed league – July-August; 3 mixed doubles pairings
  • Senior league – September-November; 3 doubles pairings
  • Floodlight league -October -December; 4 on a team, draw 2 singles and 1 doubles on night of match

Fingal League

This is an inter-club league run in April/May. This league is a good steppingstone to DLTC League participation.

Inter-Club Competitions

From time to time we will arrange friendly matches with other local clubs to gain experience of match play and just to be social!

I’m a member now, what facilities can I use?

The Bar, Restaurant, Changing & Shower facilities, etc. are available for you to use.

Are there any car parking facilities at the club?

Players are welcome to use the car park of the Donabate Golf Club with whom we share facilities and club house with.

How do I access the Clubhouse?

Following completion of joining the club, a clubhouse card will be issued. This will give you access to the main clubhouse and also provide discounts at the bar.

How do I access the Courtside Cabin?

The access codes to both the cabin and individual court gates are given to all new members following completion of membership. These are changed as required.

What if I forget my access card?

The access card is not required to access the cabin, the tennis courts or its facilities. The card is used to access the Clubhouse only. There is an intercom at the main entrance to the club house where you can buzz for help. To avoid waiting outside, please bring your card to gain access to the Club at all just in case the intercom is not answered immediately.

What happens if I lose my access card?

No problem – if you lose your card we will replace it, however there is a €10.00 replacement fee. To get a new card please contact any representative of the club, email or call into reception in the clubhouse.

I’m a family member do all of us get a card?

One access card is included per adult player.

Is the club open to non-members to use the courts?

Non-members can only use the facilities when booked in and accompanied by a member. Fee €10 for adult and €5.00 unior up to 10 visits per year. Accompanying members are responsible for payment of fees for their guests, this can be performed via the court booking system.

As a member can I bring down friends to play against?

As above members can bring a guest to play against and who knows they may like it and wish to join us! Contact for details.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can invite guests to join me to play at the club?

Members are entitled to invite a friend to use the club and its facilities if a guest visits does not exceed more than 10 times in any one calendar year. Junior members are only allowed one visitor at any one time provided a guest does not use the facilities for more than 10 times in any calendar year.

What if, as a member, I just want to bring a guest for a drink in the club?

Members of the DPTC are also members of the Donabate Golf Club and therefore can bring guest/s to the bar.

How do I book a court?

All courts are booked online via the court booking system, AceBook. Access to this will be given following completion of membership.

How often can I play?

Courts are booked using the online booking system and may be booked 1 week in advance. Courts can be booked for a maximum of 90-minute slots (30 or 60-min slots are available), time might be restricted to 60 minute slots during peak hours.

Each player may have a maximum of 5 live booking during none peek times and 3 live booking in peek times. (a live booking is a booking which has not yet been played).

What are the opening hours of the the courts?

The courts are available to members for booking from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week.

Can I book a court to play without being a club member?

As a members only club, our courts are not available for public bookings. However, to encourage players you can of course play with an existing member. Alternatively, you can try out the facilities before joining the club by contacting one of our committee members or our club secretary to arrange a suitable date and time. Y

How do I pay for membership?

Payments can be made by EFT (Electronic funds Transfer) only, details are on the Application Form. Annual membership fees are payable as a once-off payment. Payments by regular instalments are not available at this time, but will be considered for the future membership years.

You will be notified in advance when your annual fees are due for renewal.

What do I need to wear on court / do I need to wear club clothing?

No, club clothing or all whites are not mandatory at DPTC. Footwear: All members must wear proper tennis shoes (any colour) to ensure members safety on court.

Clothing: Any suitable tennis clothing is permitted; however, the club dress code excludes the wearing of football tops and shorts, basketball tops and shorts or any other articles of clothing that are not designed as tennis attire.

I don’t know anyone in the club? How do I meet people?

There are many people like you just starting with us, don’t worry we are here to help. Socials are an excellent to meet members and these are held daily, please contact for details or see out schedule on social tennis page.

Can non-members attend Social Events?

Our Social events are primarily for members but guests are very welcome for some of our events. Keep an eye out on our events page for all upcoming events.

How do I get my Junior Member(s) playing?

The club runs a very successful Junior Coaching Programme. There are number of excellent coaches linked with our club who will give either individual or group coaching. Please see coaching section for details of junior coaching programmes and other events.

My Junior is a member but I don’t play. Are there opportunities for them to play with other juniors?

There are plenty of fun events throughout the year including Teen Tennis, Junior Social Tennis and camps during term holidays. All these are recommended as they make friends while developing a taste for tennis and having fun!

How do we organise games with other juniors?

We have Junior social tennis for age 9-12yrs at 16.30-18.00 & Teen Tennis for age 13-18 at 18.00-19.30 each Saturday. Please refer to Junior Social Section.

We also have a Junior Social and Junior Members WhatsApp groups to keep you updated or organise games with juniors of similar age/ability. Please email us at if you would like to be added to these groups.

As a parent, do I need to stay at junior Social Tennis or Round Robin matches?

In order for Junior Social tennis to run we must have an adult supervisor with our coach. If you are not the supervisor that week, it is ok to leave your child. Parents are asked to supervise Round Robin matches for age 12 and under.

Are there any competitions for my junior player?

Yes! There are internal competitions such as Round Robin, Adult & Child events during the year. We have also been fortunate to have enough players for the U12 and U14 Stars and Stripes Tournament. These are external competitions, and usually take place in the Autumn and Spring. Players get to play other clubs around North Co Dublin. We also look to enter teams into Leinster U12 and U18 League, where possible and DLTC U14 and U18 league. For further information on the above please see compeition section.

We hope you find the answer to your question below.  If not, please contact us at: